I’m a product person. Recently, I’ve been interested in how design can shape businesses, the impact of automation, and the interplay between strategy and organizational design.

I studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley, and have always been interested in brains, why we do what we do, and human psychology. I enjoy writing (mostly non-fiction and poetry) and photography.

I’m also half-Mexican, mostly born and raised in San Diego, although I also lived for a bit in Costa Rica. I now live in San Francisco and love traveling. Recent favorite locations have been Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, and Seoul. In May 2019, I’m planning on summiting the second- and third-highest peaks in Ecuador–Cotopaxi and Cayambe. 🏔

I run my dog’s Instagram, documenting his cuteness and path to becoming an agility champion. I also try to read 60 books each year – add me on Goodreads to check out my progress. I always love book recs!

My professional life is on LinkedIn. You can see what I find amusing on my Twitter.

You can reach me at camilleconsidine42 at gmail dot com.